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Ghala Zayed
Ghala Zayed
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Ghala Zayed

Ard Al-Khalej
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The Ghala Zayed Luxury Gold EDP is known as the "Essence" of the Emirate of Dubai with the aroma of grilled pineapple with real regal smoke, belonging to the Oriental Vanilla group that brings a unique style for men gender, masculinity and nobility

If gentlemen are too familiar with the pineapple orange combo of Creed Aventus, surely they will not be able to ignore the super product above even the extremely attractive Ghala Zayed Luxury Gold for this male.

With a pleasant cool fruity scent, suitable for any occasion, anywhere. It's aristocratic, aristocratic, the more you smell, the more you smell, the more seductive, and the absolute sexy, people want to forever fall in love and indulge in the fragrance full of enjoyment.

Along with that, if you are a connoisseur of perfumery, you will recognize patchouli and oakmoss when used. Ghala Zayed Luxury Gold begins with bergamot and black and sour aroma with a slightly friendly direction, creating a sense of security and openness for the opposite person, cozy jasmine scent without trickery, impressing. strong about someone who hates lies. Finish with three scents of vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli that blend both richness and elegance, the perfect punctuation for a romantic night. "

Ghala Zayed Luxury Gold EDP men's perfume is a luxurious and royal tone with a black eagle design and grilled pineapple scent blending aristocratic masculinity, is compared to the essence of cosmetics. of the Arab Emirates, belonging to the group of perfumes Oriental Vanilla also known as Oriental vanilla flavor.

Main notes: Black and sour, Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli, Thyme, Oak, Vanilla

Kopfnoten: Orange Bergamot, Black and sour currant, Pineapple (pineapple), Green apple
Herznote: Buulwood, Patchouli, Rose, Moroccan jasmine
Basisnoten: Muskrium, Oak moss, Vanille (Vanille), Ambergris

Größe 100 ml EAu de Parfum
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